Slack Integration

Slack Integration

Note: Slack integration is still in Beta. Please work with us while we continually improve the system for your needs.

Integrating Slack into your SwayChat account.

Integrating Slack to SwayChat can be done in a few clicks.

First, go to the Account module, then under Organization click on Integrations.

Signing in to Slack from your SwayChat Dashboard.

After clicking on the Add to Slack button, you'll be directed to the Slack sign-in page.

After signing in to your Slack team, go to Account -> Account Info -> Sign in to Slack.

Once Slack has been integrated, select the Slack channel where you want your messages to be sent to. When a visitor makes an inquiry a notification will be sent in your chosen Slack channel.

Click the link on the Reply via Slack and a Slack channel will be created for the inquiry.

You can now chat directly with your visitor in the created Slack channel.

Same as the SwayChat Web Application, you'll be able to view your visitor's information in Slack.

To utilize SwayChat's feature in Slack. Type /swaychat help.

You can also issue SwayChat commands using `/sc`

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